Dokkum Richard P.E. van – Dr – The Netherlands

Dr. Richard P.E. van Dokkum (1969) was trained as a medical biologist and obtained his PhD in medical sciences from Erasmus University Medical Centre (Rotterdam) in 1999 and performed research on the genetics and physiology in an animal model of renal failure at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, MI, USA. After his PhD, he was asked for the position of assistant professor at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, UMC Groningen, where he continued scientific animal research and was registered as Pharmacologist and Medical Physiologist. Being a horse owner for 40 years and breeder, instructor, rider and juror, he translated his professional and equine knowledge to building his own clinic and was successful in the approach of tendon injuries and back problems in the horse.

Currently, he has his own company in guiding horses and riders in every aspect of equine sports and is Veterinary Medical Officer at Synofit B.V., where he is responsible for the veterinary content of Synopet (

Synofit Europe B.V.,  Randstad 22 131, 1316 BW Almere