Martens, Ellen – PT, MT, CCRT – Belgium

Ellen Martens received her master’s degree in physical therapy in Belgium in 2002. She worked with human patients for seven years while she trained in manual therapy, animal physiotherapy (the Netherlands) and animal osteopathy. Ellen worked with both humans and dogs and horses since 2003 until she founded Het Waterhof Animal Rehabilitation Center in 2009. Since then she has worked full-time with animals.

Ellen is the founder and president of the Belgian Association for Certified Animal Physical Therapy and has been the physical therapist for the Belgian agility team since 2008. She teaches canine and equine rehabilitation at the University of Ghent and lectures nationally and internationally. Ellen completed her certification at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (USA) in 2009. She is an instructor for CRI in The Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and Advanced Canine Rehabilitation Therapist.

Animal Rehabilitation Center ‘Het Waterhof’

Lectures about

Physiotherapy in veterinary sportsmedicin and rehabiliation in dogs
November 23, 12.10 PM – COMPANION ANIMALS
Physical therapy and rehabilitation is a rapidly growing field in the veterinary medicine. A lot
of canine orthopaedic and neurologic patients can benefit from the treatment techniques
used by physical therapists. Also the sporting dog can take advantage of this relatively new
field in veterinary medicine. The physical performance in different canine sports becomes more demanding every year. At the same time the physical stress on the body raises
exponentially. As in the human field it becomes more and more important to develop a multidisciplinary environment/management for the sporting dog, including physical therapy.
PT’s can support with warming up, cooling down, develop training schedules, preventive
check ups. But the most important thing is to manage the sporting dog with an injury : treat
the injury and prepare the dog for upcoming competition.


Benefits of the use of therapeutic laser in equine physical therapy

November 23, 04.05 PM – Horses
Laser therapy is an additional treatment modality in the animal physical
therapy/rehabilitation. The treatment effects and indications have been studied worldwide.
Nowadays it is rare to do a physical therapy treatment without a laser treatment involved.
The effects and benefits of the laser treatment are really awarding combined with the
manual treatment. In this lecture we will explain the different laser types/indications and
the protocols necessary for implementing this part of physical therapy.