Gösmeier, Ina – Dr.med.vet. – Germany

Dr. Ina Gösmeier studied veterinary medicine at the University of Giessen, after which she worked in a practice for horses and small animals. She subsequently obtained the specialist qualification in Acupuncture and undertook additional studies in Chinese herbology at universities in China and Switzerland. Ina Gösmeier has herself taken part in Grand Prix dressage and she obtained her qualification of “Master in Horse Breeding and Management” in 1989.. She has so far written four specialist books . She is also involved in the teaching of acupuncture to veterinary practitioners at universities and lectures regularly in Britain, Ireland and the USA.

Since 2002, Ina Gösmeier has been responsible for horses for German teams at championship events, like Olympic games in London and Rio ,where her job is to maintain the health, well-being and performance of the horses using her TCVM knowledge.