Halkes, Bart – PhD – the Netherlands

Bart Halkes (1968) graduated in 1992 from the Faculty of Medicine, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, as a medical biologist. In 1998 he obtained his PhD-degree at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science of Utrecht University (title thesis: Filipendula ulmaria, a study on the immunomodulatory activity of extracts and constituents). In the subsequent years (from 1998 to 2010), he held several positions at Utrecht University, PhytoGeniX, and the Dutch Foundation for the Assessment of Phytomedicines, focussing on both research (phytochemical analysis and in vitro pharmacological activity) as well as legal aspects of plant-derived products (phytogenic drugs and herbal medicinal products). He is co-author of many (inter)national publications in these fields of interest. Currently, he is employed by Alfasan Diergeneesmiddelen BV as regulatory affairs officer and as member of the research and development team for the Alfasan4Animals line of natural animal health products.


Kuipersweg 9, 3449 JA Woerden, Netherlands +31 348 41 69 45