Kasper, Markus – Dr.med.vet, CVA – Austria

Markus is born on World Animal Protecting Day, 04. October 1958. He is married with mag.med.vet. Elisabeth Kasper. Together they have 4 wonderful children (23, 21, 17, 9). Markus graduated in 1993. In that same year he founded their Tierklinik & Tierhelizentrum Aspern with the 1st Pain-Department for Dogs & Cats. Markus is a Certified Member of IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society). He is author of several books and articles on Neuraltherapy and Diagnosis and Treatment of chronic pain. He gives international courses and lectures on the treatment with gold implantation. His second medical hobby is healthy pet nutrion. So it is cler that he is interested in the development of the microbioma, how to keep it healthy and to cure it.

Lectures about:

We feed two – the body & the microbiome. The essential vital importance of a healthy gut microflora and how to cure it
November 25 – 09.10 AM – COMPANION ANIMALS

The term microbiome was brought up by Joshua Lederberg (Nobel price): “The microbioma is part of the human metabolism. Therefore, we talk from a microbioma organ.

In the last decade science about the microbiome was the most growing biological science all over the world.

But as they say we are at the beginning to understand what is really going on the gut and in which interconnection we live with it.

The microbiome consists between 800 to 1000 different bacterial tribes, some viruses and fungis and the summation of all the bacteria’s with which we live in symbioses: digestive system from mouth to anus, skin, lung, liver, uterus and vagina and of course the brain (neurobiom). The microbiome has very different and vital functions: 75 % of the immunsystem in various ways, splitting-up indigestible food residues, detox of toxicants, producing substances which cannot be add to the body by food such as vitamins, short-chained fatty acids, essential amino acids, dopamine,…  e.g. the kiss or can I transfer 80 miobacteria’s on my sweetheart…


So food has to nurish 2: the body and the microbiome.

Therefore, it must be free of chemical additions such des-infectants and preservatives etc.

But also the vets must take care of their therapies. One administration of an antibiotic drug can damage the microbiome severes up to 6 months. A lot more drugs and administrations influences the microbiome – more than you would think of.

In the second part of this lecture will talk about keeping the microbiome healthy and who to cure it.


The most important diseases by a disturbed microbiome. Health comes from the gut – sickness too!
November 25 – 09.10 AM – COMPANION ANIMALS

The most important fact of a healthy microbioma is its diversity.

What causes a reducing of its diversitiy:

  1. Nutrition (microbiome and indirect effects chronic degenerative disease)
  2. Reduced contact with surrounding bacterial flora…
  3. Stress in every form (look how dogs have to function from early morning till late at night)
  4. Age (includes also various and summarized negative effects during live) – age for itself is no sickness!!!
  5. Medication – antibiotics, Steroids, NSAIDs, proton pump blockers, immunsupressive drugs as Cortison etc.
  6. Hygiene: skin, oral cavitiy,…
  7. and of course smoking LLJ

Most of the chronic disease of the intestine (Ulcer in oral mucosa and in the gastrointenstinal system, chronic diarrhea, IBD, leaky gut syndrom

80 – 90 % of the skin disease, 80 % of liver disease, 60 % of kidney failure (in combinations with longstanding reduced liquid.

I humans is a reasonable suspicion the Alzheimer disease stays in combination with a sick microbiome and a reduced production of special short chained fatty acids which nourishes the microglia cells in the brain.

The second part of the lectures leads us to prevention of microbiome sicknesses.