Laarakker, Eric – Drs. – the Netherlands

Eric has been a holistic veterinarian for more than twenty years. He is an acupuncturist, also licensed human acupuncturist, chiropractor, osteopath, herbalist and homeopath. He is the owner of the Holistic Clinic for Animals Den Hoek in De Bilt, co-owner of herbal medicine Phytonics (, managing director of research Lab Vialight (, managing director of organic (research) farm Efibia (, director of Healthcare Academy Den Hoek ( Eric is the author of 2 books: Horse Types and (in Dutch) Het Tevreden Paard (the happy horse).

Erik lectures about

What is Lyme disease in horses? Clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis
November 24, 02.55 PM –HORSES
Lyme disease is commonly called a ‘modern illness’; it seems to have become more widespread in the past decennium. It may be difficult to diagnose correctly but it is even harder to cure the patient from Lyme disease. Conventional medication has inadequate results. To have more success, each step in the healing process requires an individual approach. Combinations of therapies enhance their effectiveness in this process.

Besides suppressing or expelling the Spirochete that causes Lyme disease from the body, there are many additional steps of interest to be considered. This includes reducing the exposure to electromagnetic radiation, treatment of damaged systems in the body or its tissues (like the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis and the thyroid gland), treatment of residual symptoms from previous therapies such as excessive use of antibiotics, and last but not least restoring confidence in one’s own body.

In this lecture Eric will discuss the clinical picture, diagnosis and prognosis of Lyme disease, and the treatment methods that are successfully applied in his clinic ‘Den Hoek’ in The Netherlands.

Evaluating the Use of Complementary Diagnostic Tools in Practice
November 25, 02.55 PM –HORSES
There are many holistic treatment strategies available within veterinary medicine, like acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy and manual therapies. Often, combining different strategies enhances the effect of the treatment. But how do you choose the right treatment or medication? How do you examine the patient as a whole and how do you come to your diagnosis?

The use of complimentary diagnostic tools can offer -in the hands of an able practitioner- valuable support. Eric will talk about the use of bio-energetic measuring instruments in general, and his own experience with these. More in particular, he will discuss the use of the Connection-sensor and the Lecher Antenna in holistic veterinary practice.

Healing with sounds
November 25, 11.15 PM –HORSES
“Not matter, but quantum information is the building block of everything.” With this this interesting theorem by Dr. Erik Verlinde, professor in Theoretical Physics at the University of Amsterdam and winner of the Dutch Spinoza Price, Eric Laarakker starts his lecture. He takes you through his quest and recent discoveries in the field of Frequency and Information Medicine. Sound as a pressure wave has the ability to penetrate far through water. In every living organism, 99% of the molecules in the body are water molecules and water is of vital importance for many bodily and cellular functions, including the maintenance of DNA. Perhaps this provides the most important opening for medical sciences to tackle pathologies? Everything within and around the body (from the internal organs to body cells and bacteria, viruses etc.) has its own specific frequency. In the past 23 years, Eric has identified many thousands of frequencies with his Lecher-antenna that play a role in health and disease. In his lecture he explains how this can be used in modern (veterinary) medicine.