Lashley, Morgan – Drs.- the Netherlands

About Morgan

Certified Equine practitioner, chiropractor for horses (FES), dressage rider.
Morgan graduated as a veterinarian from Utrecht University in 2009 and then began working as an equine practitioner in Stockholm and at the Equine clinic de Raaphorst in Wassenaar. She was previously an active competitor and a member of the Dutch team at the junior European Championships. Due to her experience as a dressage rider, she has always been very interested in the management and rehabilitation of sport horses. She has studied osteopathy and is a FES-certified chiropractor.

In March of 2015, she started her own company: Sport Horse Health Plan, which focuses on professional guidance on injury prevention and rehabilitation of the sport horse, including use of the aquatrainer. She guides the horses in rehabilitation and training as both a veterinarian and a dressage rider. In addition, she has been a board member of Brooke Hospital for Animals since 2012.

November 23, 04.05 PM – HORSES
Rehabilitation of the Sport Horse
After an injury, the road to recovery begins and there should be specific attention given to a number of factors to restore the horse to its pre-injury level of achievement. During the presentation, various parts of the rehabilitation process of the sporting horse alongside it’s supporting techniques and therapies will be discussed.