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Currently an internationally recognized agility judge, Ronald Mouwen has been active in the world of canine agility sport since 1992. Not only does he practice the sport himself, he has been actively instructing in Sport Physiology at the Agility Campus, an organization that trains agility instructors in the Netherlands. He then went on to obtain his Veterinary Chiropractic certification and then began teaching Manual therapy in Companion Animals in 2008. Naturally, through his fanaticism for agility sports and his vast knowledge and experience, he was asked to be the official veterinarian of the Dutch Canine Agility Team at the World Championships where he oversaw post qualification examinations, training plans and veterinary care and advise during the World Championships. In 2015 and alongside veterinary physiotherapists, Ronald was involved in the creation of the FitDog Program and continues to do so. Aside from agility training and all his other projects, Ronald also finds time to practice veterinary medicine in his own practice, specializing in sporting dogs.

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The return to the top
November 23, 02.55 PM – Companion Animals

How do you get your dog back to top form and condition?

During and after an injury, rest is compulsory for the injured parts of the body and a dog will have to return to sporting under guidance. Veterinarian Ronald Mouwen together with the team from the FitDog program have developed and compiled a program in which the healthy part of the body can be kept fit and after the return to function, the injured parts can be highly targeted again for return to top condition. A scheme based on the basic motor function properties will be made use of.