Schachinger, Andrea – PT – the Netherlands

About Andrea
Born and raised in the Innviertel in Austria, near the Bavarian spa region. Always been fascinated by horses and actively involved with them from a young age. Worked in various positions, including secretary/medical assistent in pathology and microbiology.

After graduated at the Physica Therapy at University of Applied Sciences in Leiden she had in 1999 her first contact with human dry-needling. She started development of own method for equine Dry-Needling. She is certified as commenader Equestrian Instruction with ORUN, also as instructor horse-riding for the physically and mentally challenged, became member of International Myopain Society (attended congresses and workshops 2001-2012 in Spain, Florida and Germany), completed her training Sivas-Aupuncture and certified level 1, 2 and Masterclass human Dry-Needling 2011. Andrea started teaching Equine Dry-Needling Schachinger Method in 2010. She also published her book on the same method.

Lectures about

Equine Dry-Needling – great results from small pinpricks

November 23, 12.10 PM – Horses
What is dry-needling? What are the working mechanisms? The use and benefits in general and sport horses in particular will be lectured about. Also the possibilities and limitations